Welcome to Studio Fitness Lean, Sassy & Fit  

Working to create a fitter planet one person at a time!  Studio Fitness is based on our belief that women deserve a safe, comfortable, secure and supportive environment completely stress free where they can workout, and have fun!  When you enter the studio, you are immediately exposed to a  friendly welcoming environment of aromatherapy, soft lighting, and great music that will immediately put you in a positive mood.

Come alone, if you can’t find a friend to join you, I guarantee you’ll find one before you leave. Our fantastic group of caring people will always keep you motivated and inspired to come back again, and again. Once you visit, you’ll never be a stranger again.

No stinky gym smells, bright blaring lights, or rude people that who don’t care you or your performance. This concept alone sets us apart from the others. We Care About You!  We are not a click, groupie or clan, it’s all about YOU as an individual on your fitness journey.   As a result, you feel welcome and comfortable. This is why a high percentage of our business are from repeat customers and referrals. Studio Fitness   is  designed exclusively to focus on building core strength, increased muscle tone, flexibility  and intense cardio that promotes weight loss and a strong healthy body regardless of age, and fitness level.

Studio Fitness Lean, Sassy & Fit  incorporates an exciting and exhilarating blend of Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Step, PilatesBody Pump, Body Combat, Pole Dance Fitness and a SilverSneakers program of Soft Zumba and Strength & Balance Classes to create body contouring,  core strength, increased muscle tone, and an improved cardiovascular system for a sassy and confident state of mind.

Our team is comprised of knowledgeable fitness instructors who respect and appreciate you, and we look forward to assisting, motivating  and supporting you in your fitness journey. We talk the talk, and… walk the walk.  Yours in Fitness, 

Karen Everage, Certified Fitness Instructor & Owner of  Studio Fitness.