Getting Fit In Your 50’s 60’s and 70’s

 You are never too old to get positive results from exercising! Don’t think that exercise is just for the young.  Studies have shown that older adults in all age groups hurt their health by not exercising. It also states, older people should stay as physically active and fit as they possibly can. When seniors exercise on a regular basis, it can boost energy, assist in maintaining an independent lifestyle, and manage symptoms of illness or pain. When you exercise, it can even reverse some of the symptoms of aging…  Not only is exercising good for your body, it is good for your mind. It can put you in a better mood and enhance memory.

Starting or maintaining a regular exercise routine can be a challenge.  As we age, many of us feel discouraged by illness, ongoing health problems, or concerns about injuries and falls.   Or maybe you’ve never exercised before and may not know where to begin.  Perhaps you think you’re too old or frail to exercise, and it’s boring or simply not for you.  Well, all these things may seem like good reasons to slow down, but they are actually better reasons to start moving. Exercising can do many good things; It can energize your mood, relieve stress, help to manage symptoms of illness and pain, and improve your overall sense of well-being.  In fact, exercising is the key to staying strong, energetic, and healthy as you get older. It can even be fun! Studies have shown that regular exercise by middle aged & elderly people can set back the clock 20-40 years when compared to those who do little or no exercise.

There are so many new exercise programs available nowadays targeted specifically to seniors that can make exercising fun and a place to meet other like-minded active seniors with the same goal in mind. Pick those places that really love working with seniors and not just trying to get members.

According to AARP, The National Institute on Aging and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a regular exercise program is the best available prescription for independence, active and healthy aging.  A large health study reported in 2011 suggests seniors can benefit from as little as 15 minutes per day of moderately heart-pumping exercise. About 30 minutes is the official recommendation, in addition to at least two sessions per week of muscle-strengthening activity or exercise. It’s important that you try to fit all four types of exercise into any senior exercise regimen.

Through advance medicine and technology, we now have a better understanding of why some people tend to age much faster than others. There is a large body of scientific evidence that suggests, we can slow down and in some cases reverse the symptoms of aging. In fact, many of us can be in better health in our 70’s than we were in our 50’s. No matter what your age, or your current physical condition, you can benefit from exercising. Reaping the rewards of exercise doesn’t have to involve strenuous workouts. It’s about adding more movement and activity to your life, even in small ways. Whether you are generally healthy or are managing an illness—even if you’re housebound—there are many easy ways to get your body moving and improve your health and outlook. Studio Fitness specializes in senior fitness. We have designed our classes to specially accommodate the needs of seniors. For more information on classes, housebound activities, or issues with standing, contact Karen at Studio Fitness to see what’s right for you.  As always, you must consult your physician first, before starting any exercise program or regimen.

It’s true, we can’t stop father time, however, recent studies have shown that we can alter the rate at which our bodies progress through our life cycle. Test results also show that no matter when a person starts to exercise, significant improvement can be achieved. Studio Fitness offers a number of comprehensive fitness classes designed specifically for elderly active and semi-active adult over 50 that encompasses endurance, strength, balance, cardio and flexibility. Below is our senior fitness schedule of those classes. Our senior fitness program at Studio Fitness is free to all Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit members. Check with your healthcare insurance provider to see if your insurance covers exercise classes. If you are not a Silver Sneakers or Silver & Fit member, a nominal fee is charged for the program. Contact Studio Fitness at 419-870-2318 for more information on fees.