Support “Free Fitness Classes” For Seniors

Studio Fitness is based on my belief that women deserve a safe, comfortable, secure and supportive fitness environment completely   stress free where they can workout, and have fun!  Studio Fitness   is  designed exclusively to offer classes that focus on building core strength, increased muscle tone, flexibility and cardiovascular.  Our Senior Fitness Program Include:  Zumba Gold, Chair Zumba, Cardio Drumming, Chair Yoga and Strength & Balance for Aging Adults 55+.

You are never too old to get positive results from exercising! Exercise is not just for the young.  Studies have shown that older adults in all age groups hurt their health by not exercising. It also states, older people should stay as physically active and fit as they possibly can.

Currently there are so many seniors in our community who can’t take advantage of the benefits of exercise because Silver Sneakers “a resource that pays for them to attend fitness classes,” is not part of their Medicaide insurance plan and is not covered. Therefore having seniors to pay out of pocket for exercise classes when they are already of a fixed income.

Studio Fitness wants to offer “free fitness classes” to every senior in our community that walks through the door, and not turn anyone one down because their insurance doen’t cover them.

Studies show when seniors exercise on a regular basis, it can boost energy, assist in maintaining an independent lifestyle, and manage symptoms of illness or pain. When you exercise, it can even reverse some of the symptoms of aging…  Not only is exercising good for your body, it is good for your mind. It can put you in a better mood and enhance memory.